Tips and Tricks to Get You Started!

1. Know your target audience(s)

Some people love children while others feel for the disaster-stricken. So, focus on a niche and know who your campaign speaks to. Many of the successful projects on crowd-funding sites target a specific audience. Your target audience could be your school mates, your colleagues, your church member or a specific interest group.

2. Be passionately authentic

It pays to be honest, authentic and transparent. Be yourself and stay optimistic. Clearly communicate what you are doing and why you are raising funds for your selected cause. People will want to donate when you let your passion and enthusiasm shine!

3. Information is key

It is essential to provide details on where the money is going towards and who will be benefitting from it. More information about why the campaign requires more funds is also key as that will drive giving to your cause. You can share information through text, stories, images, videos; the choices are endless!

4. Leverage your social networks

It is important to realise that your audience may be unfamiliar with crowd-funding and how it works. You will need to use social media, personal emails and even instant messaging to direct your friends and family to your campaign site.

5. Tell a great story

Your story needs to be clear and concise, so steer clear of creating a ‘wall of text’, which often deters and overwhelms the reader. Edit the story, highlight the most important elements, and separate it into key paragraphs.

A great story should also cover the following:

  • Who you are (Introduce yourself. Share your story.)
  • When your campaign will take place (Set a deadline as this creates a sense of urgency)
  • Where your project will take place (Talk about why crowd-funding will help you. Share the social media platforms you are using, and the value of sharing the campaign with others.)
  • Why you are raising funds (Show your passion. Focus on the impact of your campaign.)
  • How people can get involved (Besides donation, how else can people help you?)

6. 'Thank You' goes a long way

Everyone loves a thank you note, no matter how large or small the amount. Update the campaign page with a thank you note once you have achieved your goal or when the deadline has passed. That will help pave the way for more successful campaigns in the future!