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Since 2017, World Vision has been implementing an Area Development Programme (ADP) in the Burmese township of Taikkyi, located in the northernmost part of Yangon Region. For the majority of the families living in the villages supported by the ADP, agriculture is the main source of livelihood. They are vulnerable to annual flash floods and landslides, which destroy padi fields and livestock and deepen their economic insecurity. Children bear the brunt of the low levels of development in these villages, as their caregivers struggle to provide for their nutrition, healthcare, and education.

The primary school in the village is flooded during the rainy season. Its largely wooden structure has been degrading as a result.

Learning spaces for different grades are only divided by wooden partitions.

One of these villages is situated in a village tract in Taikkyi township. There is only one primary school in this village. Due to the lack of space to accommodate the growing number of children studying there, students from different grades have had no choice but to learn in common teaching spaces divided by wooden partitions, instead of individual classrooms. The sanitation amenities within the school compound are also unhygienic and poorly maintained. The lone water pump in the school building supplies unfiltered groundwater that is contaminated with traces of iron and poses health risks to the children. A limited government budget for education has prevented the expansion and redevelopment of old and inadequate school facilities.

A water pump in the school that supplies unfiltered water for drinking.

An old and poorly maintained latrine.

There is an urgent need to provide the children of this village with a child-friendly school environment, where sanitation is sound, the water is safe to drink, and teaching can take place in conducive learning spaces. Not only will this have a positive bearing on the children’s motivation to attend school, it will also strengthen educational outcomes and mitigate the risk of them subsequently dropping out at middle and high school to take on low-paying, labour-intensive work in garment factories, brick making factories, and rice mills.

With your support, World Vision aims to expand and refurbish the school compound so that it may accommodate over 90 students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 (aged 6-10). This project will include:

  • The construction of a new school building, with three classrooms furnished with desks and chairs for teachers and students
  • Two new latrines
  • One water tank (with a capacity of 1000 litres) with a water purification system


In keeping with World Vision’s approach to sustainable community development, World Vision’s field workers in Taikkyi ADP will mobilise people in the village and facilitate the formation of a school construction committee which will oversee the building work. A World Vision representative will supervise day-to-day activities on the project site, work with the committee to monitor the construction process, and ensure that education quality standards are met once the construction is completed and teachers are trained and appointed. This approach will encourage local ownership of the project, and empower the community with skills that will help with their own independent development initiatives in the long run.

Please join ieatishootipost to enable children in Taikkyi to reap the benefits of an education in a safe and conducive school of their own.

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Taikkyi ADP Primary School Building Project (MyVision)
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    This donation is to help the village build a proper school and to aid in the development of the community.
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    Wobin & Julian, Kudos 👍 for taking the lead and doing ! Yann Ching & Eng Kiat
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    May God bless the project and enable many kids to have a transformed future
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